No matter the size of your order, sustainable T-shirts are made-on-demand within 24-48 hours

Our machine-vision Sewbots enable local sewn goods manufacturing, resulting in the creation of on-demand, made-to-measure, local supply chains for brands and retailers to get sewn goods to customers in the shortest time.

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  • Fabric Mill

  • Sewbot Factory

  • Customer


Every order size can be fulfilled, big or small.


Get sustainable Made in America T-shirts with an on-demand production process, all at competitive prices to importing. As a brand, turn your T-shirt designs into physical products only if sold. Generate more revenue from existing assets without significant investment in product development. Save money and avoid leftover stock—the products you sell are made only when your customer places an order.


Become sustainable one T-shirt at a time. As a retailer, you need T-shirts made in large volumes. With a local supply chain, T-shirt products travel less—Made on Demand moves your production closer to your customers. Harness virtual stock and only produce what you actually sell resulting in no stock risk, no risk of stagnant inventory, and no loss of margin to clear unsold inventory.

Online Merchants

Test demand for new T-shirt product designs. You have an online store and sell T-shirts on ecommerce platforms. Sustainably Made-and-Print-on-demand T-shirt production enables you to cater for trends driven by social media, such as significant cultural or sporting moments, events, holidays, or even memes. Delight customers with T-shirts made and shipped same day as the order was placed while you reduce your order-to-cash cycle.

Our Patented Technology

Sewn 100% using Sewbots by SoftWear Automation. The first and only machine vision robotic workline in the world to automatically sew T-shirts.

Precise Machine Vision

Our Sewbots are powered by revolutionary smart vision technology. Like an autonomous driving car, cameras and sensors steer the Sewbot while recognizing textile distortion and adjusting the material in real time as it travels through the sew head, just like a seamstress. This patented technology is at the core of every Sewbot, giving it the ability to achieve full automation of sewn goods.

Automated Sewing

Highly accurate automated sewing enables full control of material position and allows for optimal sewing speed, regardless of sewing machine brand.

Superior Quality

Not all T-shirts are created the same, which is why our Sewbots are made flexible to precisely stitch a T-shirt together perfectly, every single time. We integrated automated sewing with our state-of-the-art vision technology to perform variable types of stitching, cutting, seaming, and labeling to perfectly fabricate your T-shirt.


  • Superior Quality

    Expect consistent quality. Each T-shirt is precisely cut and perfectly stitched together, every single time.

  • Sustainably Made in USA

    Designed, cut, and sewn in America using only sustainable materials. Support local communities with local supply chains.

  • No Sweatshops. Ever.

    Our fully automated production process sews a complete T-shirt from cut pieces to a completed finished good in the most ethical way.

  • On-Demand, Zero Inventory

    Save resources and avoid unsold inventory by making sure the T-shirts you sell are made only when your customer places an order.

  • Lighting Fast Delivery Times

    Enjoy lead times of hours compared to the days and months of your current T-shirt supply chain.

  • Same Low Cost

    100% Made in USA T-shirt at competitive prices compared to imported T-shirts from low wage countries.