About SoftWear

For the past 30 years, technology has rapidly evolved in every area save sewing. Advanced computer-assisted design software has made the design process easier. Computer controlled cutting has alleviated bottlenecks in the cutting room. Yet, the only real solution around sewing has been to chase cheap labor around the globe.

SoftWear Automation is disrupting the $100 billion sewn products industry by creating autonomous sewn good worklines for Home Goods, Footwear & Apparel.  The Atlanta-based machine vision and robotics startup spun out of Georgia Tech after 7 years of research and development working on projects with DARPA and the WALMART Foundation.  SoftWear’s fully autonomous SEWBOT allows manufacturers to SEWLOCAL, moving their supply chains closer to the customer while creating higher quality products at a lower cost.

Leadership Team

  • Palaniswamy "Raj" Rajan

    Chairman & CEO
  • Michael Baker

    Chief Technology Officer
  • John Ridgley

    Vice President of Engineering
  • John Lee

    Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors