Motherboard: The Case For Letting Robots Make Our Clothes

There are already several companies working to automate garment making and replace the work that people like Subash do every day. Sewbo and Softwear, both of which manufacture robots that make clothes, are hoping their technology will enter the factories themselves.

“It’s higher quality production,” Palinaswamy “Raj” Rajan, the CEO of Softwear, told me over the phone from Atlanta. “Less failures, less material. So we enable that. With robots, we can do things with higher quality.”

Rajan said his company, which got a grant from the US military research outfit DARPA, is hoping to make the garment industry more efficient. Softwear’s robots—or sewbots, as the company calls them—include automated sewing machines. This technology could replace the workers I saw feeding material into sewing machines, or could hem shirts and pants. So far, Raj said, small companies across India have started using Softwear to make clothes, bedsheets, and other sewn linens.

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