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WTiN: SoftWear Automation Launches New SEWBOT for Footwear Workline


WTiN: SoftWear Automation Launches New SEWBOT for Footwear Workline

SoftWear Automation, based in Atlanta, US has launched a new Sewbot production line. The Digital Footwear Upper Workline, which is available for global pre-order, expands the patented Sewbot Pick-Place-Sew automation for fully-automated shoe uppers. The new Workline complements the company’s existing Sewbots that are being used to create home textile goods, towels, automotive mats, pillow cases, mattress covers, bags and T-shirts.

The Workline sews one footwear upper with three overlays in 26 seconds. There is no use of adhesives and no template pallets are required, according to the company.

The company told WTiN last year that its innovative technology will allow manufacturers to “sewlocal”, moving supply chains closer to the consumer while creating higher-quality products at a lower cost.


Pete Santora, chief commercial officer at SoftWear Automation, comments on the changing manufacturing landscape: “Manufacturers understand the need to deliver amazing experiences to the consumer because their customer is the brand. However, with the breaking down of silos between the brand, retailer and the contract manufacturer, and the pressure that the consumer is placing on retail, expectations for products are growing. Consumers want more styles, more frequently, delivered quicker or replaced more rapidly. As the pressure to create ‘WOW’ in the future grows for retail, the problem will become more and more product centric than store centric. Contract manufacturers need to build this into their strategy because they ones who can do this better will win the orders.”


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