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Textilu & Obuvi: Robotisation in Textile Industry


Textilu & Obuvi: Robotisation in Textile Industry

According to the UN report, World Population Prospects: 2017 Revision, which among other things deals with the development of people around the world, in 2050 will be almost 10 billion people more than today. They all need clothing, suggesting that the textile and clothing industry will have to adapt.

SoftWear Automation, based in Atlanta is continuously pioneering the creation of fully automated sewing lines of clothing, footwear and homegoods. The aim of the innovative technology is to move production closer to consumers and produce higher quality products with lower costs.

Automation in the clothing industry has been slower than in other industrial sectors such as automotive and electronics. Developing a robot which can replace the human skills, manipulate the fabric and sew it not quick or easy. E.g. sewing shirts with a front pocket requires 78 separate steps. But why is this technology so important now? Peter Santora, Chief Commercial Officer explains: “The current global supply chain is unable to meet growing demand consumers for diverse and fast-fashion products. It is by forming a local supply chain, that is able to quickly respond to demand without the need to create large stocks, which is able to customize products according to requirements customers and deliver them within a few days.


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(Article is written in Czech.)
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