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HuffPost Style UK: Fashion and the Rise of the Robots


HuffPost Style UK: Fashion and the Rise of the Robots

SoftWear Automation in Atlanta may have managed to overcome the main technical challenge of garment manufacturing, i.e. feeding through separate pieces of fabric accurately and smoothly to create one coherent result.

Its machines use high-speed photography which captures up to 1,000 frames per second. These images are then interpreted by software to execute the correct the stitch at the correct tension.

To work in conjunction with machine stitching, SoftWear Automation has also produced a materials handling system (LOWRY) which uses a vacuum to pick up and transport fabrics from one process to another.

SoftWear Automation tells us that its machines will be capable of full garment assembly within the next six months. Heavier woven fabrics such as denim already work well. The company is now testing finer fabrics.

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