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10.25.2015 Will 4-Axis Robotic Seamstress Replace Human Workers?

Back Will 4-Axis Robotic Seamstress Replace Human Workers?

The LOWRY system is a four-axis robot that can be used for fabric handling, pick and place operations, as well as direct sewing. The system uses a high speed visual sensors to precisely track fabric and prevent distortion during the sewing process.

The system also allows importing of ASTM (DFX) files from popular pattern design software and the ability to fine-tune the parameters using online sewing CAD software before exporting to the LOWRY robot for production.

Thanks to this, the robotic system offers a higher level of precision and accuracy than its human counterparts.

The LOWRY system is also compatible for installation with existing cutters, fabric transfers and sewing machines and can run on a continuous basis, reducing unproductive downtime.

This might be another instance in which jobs are becoming obsolete because machine capabilities can far outstrip those of humans.

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