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Dansk Mode & Textil: Robotsyerskerne kommer (The SEWBOTS® Come)


Dansk Mode & Textil: Robotsyerskerne kommer (The SEWBOTS® Come)


Companies in the United States are currently working to get robots to sew garments, so that clothing production becomes more local, thus saving the environmental impact.

Imagine putting a roll of textile at one end of a machine and get a whole piece of clothes spit out at the other end. That mindset is not so far away for particularly two American companies.

SoftWear and Sewbo have developed cyber robots that one day should be able to produce clothes.

“Our plan is to put the world’s most advanced technology in the hands of the world’s most innovative thinkers and manufacturers,” says Pete Santora CCO in SoftWear for Dansk Mode & Textil.

So far SoftWear can sew rectangular products such as towels, pillows and blankets. Soon they will have to produce the first pieces of clothing in the form of t-shirts.

They expect to be able to produce 3,300 t-shirts a day, of which 2,100 will be produced for a Chinese producer who makes clothes for Adidas .

Pete says that SoftWear wants to place SEWBOTS®  in local areas where the goods should be used to save the environmental impact.

“97% of t-shirts are being exported and consumed places they are not made. It is a staggering statistic when considering that the United States is the largest consumer of t-shirts of just over 3 billion a year. It’s like importing bananas into a banana plantation because we do not have people picking the fruit from the trees. “

By using robots and thus taking the cheap labor out of the equation, he estimates that they can compete with the current clothing production, which mainly takes place in the East.

“Contractors from 163 countries have already contacted us.”


Excerpt translated from the original article; read the full article here.

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