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Apparel Resources News-Desk: US to Speed Shoe Upper Manufacturing by 11X


Apparel Resources News-Desk: US to Speed Shoe Upper Manufacturing by 11X

US-based SoftWear Automation, the pioneer in advanced computer-assisted software and equipment, has launched the first ever automated workline to speed up the manufacturing of shoe uppers, the most critical part of the footwear production cycle.

Dubbed ‘The Digital Footwear Upper Workline’ by SoftWear Automation will not only assist in automating the entire shoe uppers manufacturing process but make it even faster, say by 11 times. The shoe overlay process forms about 70% of the complete shoe manufacturing. Thus, the advancement in this section will further increase the overall footwear (production) output.

The automated workline has been engineered to construct a shoe with up to 12 overlays, the company claims. It adds that by eliminating the use of overlay templates, it is able to manufacture a 3-overlay upper with two logos and a lace overlay every 26 seconds, which is 11 times faster than the conventional construction.

Further, this latest development in the field of automation for the sewn industry will cut down the huge manpower requirement to just a ‘single’ operator for four or more worklines. The company states that the operator just have to load the vamps and overlays to the Sewbot and within no time the sewn shoe uppers will appear at the other end.

Talking of the recent times, ‘Athleisure’ is the newest trend and the ‘trend’ will not be complete if not paired with the right set of ‘sneakers’. The sneakerheads have taken the demand for the product to an all new level, with variations in fabric, style and colour. All this calls for a newer genre of sneakers that are produced at a much faster pace to meet the market demand. No other automation can relieve the companies of the immense everyday production pressure then SoftWear Automation’s workline in today’s world.

The entire production cycle of sneakers, which currently takes about 12-18 months from designer sketch to retail stores, can be shortened to 12-18 weeks with this latest innovation. The cost and other details of ‘The Digital Footwear Upper Workline’ by SoftWear Automation are yet to be unveiled. We will share the latest and first-hand inputs on the technology as and when received. Stay tuned!


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