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SoftWear Automation Discusses Collaboration with Li & Fung


SoftWear Automation Discusses Collaboration with Li & Fung

On July 9th, 2018, CEO Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan and CCO Pete Santora sat down with industry partners Li & Fung, the world’s leading supply chain solutions partner for consumer brands and retailers, to discuss the benefits of a fully digital supply chain.

“What you’ll see by the rise of robotics in this digital process is the ability to make a good once it’s ordered completely changes the sustainability results,” says Santora, “Once this digital transformation takes place, you won’t have wasted product, you’re going to have better energy use, and you’re not going to have labor related issues.”

”[This transformation] is more profitable,” explains Rajan, “Because if you have inventory thats sitting and not being sold, thats costing you money. You’re not going to be making less product, but you’re going to make the right amount of product at the right time.”

Watch the full interview below to hear more about the advantages our SEWBOTS® will bring to a fully digital supply chain and learn more about our partnership with Li & Fung.

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