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The Digital Footwear Upper Workline can produce a shoe upper 11X faster than template sewing.

Footwear Tech Pack

SEWBOT® Capabilities:

  • Precision placement of up to 12 overlays
  • No use of adhesives
  • Elimination of traditional overlay templates
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Footwear Automation Tech Pack

Newly expanded Pick-Place-Sew™ automation enables the Digital Footwear Upper Workline to produce one sewn upper in as little as 26 seconds.



Fully Autonomous Footwear Upper SEWBOT® Workline

26 seconds

Sews one upper with three overlays
in 26 seconds.

NO adhesives

Vamps and overlays are placed and precision-stitched for top quality.

NO templates

Enables mass production of mixed
runs — no pallets required.