The Digital T-Shirt Workline can produce a t-shirt twice as fast as manual sewing.
Only available in the USA
T-Shirt Tech Pack

SEWBOT® Capabilities:

  • Increases output by 2X per 8-hour shift
  • Assembles and sews one t-shirt in 2.5 minutes
  • Cuts labor by 90%
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T-Shirt Autonomous Tech Pack

Fully autonomous shoulder, sleeve, side seam, hemming, and binding enables the Digital T-Shirt Workline to produce one complete t-shirt in 22 seconds.

Fully Autonomous T-Shirt SEWBOT® Workline

22 seconds

Assembles and sews one t-shirt in 22 seconds.

1 operator

1 SEWBOT operator produces the same number of t-shirts as 17 manual sewers.


SEWBOT workline produces 1142 t-shirts per 8-hour shift.